Diameter 0,99 inch.


One day, while I was going up the Nile aboard a felucca, the sailor told me a story. He told me about his Afterlife trip. There he saw celebrating skeletons singing and dancing in great happiness this song: “C’mon, c’mon, it’s your turn/ you tried to escape and to find a Saint to pray/But anyway this is where you’ll come one day!” Stray Luck wants to be a carefree symbol to not be afraid of the afterlife while we are still here. J Cloverleaf + immortality... Do I need to say more?

Available in the same line and color

Earring (single or couple).


Combine the Bad Boy line Stray Luck with the Chavalier silver ring in the same line and with the same subject. It becomes perfect for a gently and aggressive style if you wear it as a pendant and if you combine it with the Sweet Secret Code earrings.

Why to wear it

The four-leaf clover is a classic good luck charm. Combined with the skull, it becomes a symbol of immortal and infinite luck. A must have to always keep with you.

How to wear it

You can wear it as a necklace or as a bracelet, rolling the silk ribbon around the wrist. It can become a neck collar if you use a ribbon; but it can become an elegant necklace if you use a silver chain.

When to wear it

It is perfect with a casual-sporty look, but it’s a refined detail also suitable for the man who knows what he wants, aware of his own value. You can wear it any time because it is light and discreet. It is ok for any occasion but it is perfect in company of friends, because of his stray attitude. It is fantastic during a BBQ in the countryside or in a night in front a fire, with a guitar, singing your hearts out.

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