STRAY HEART silver light enameled ring




Silver 925


I should not tell you, but in an ancient papyrus, I found shocking information... Okay, okay, I'll tell you. Do you know what really represent the skull? It is an extraterrestrial portrait. Yes, my dear. The Egyptians well knew this, but the news was disreputable and its sense was distorted, so it was associated with something macabre. But for us, the Macadamia people, it still be a symbol of the heart, then love. It is the icon of a passionate, powerful, absolute, cosmic, stellar feeling.

Available in the same line and color

Silver plate pendant.


Combine the Bad Boy Stray Heart Chevalier Ring with the silver plate pendant in the same line and subject. The Chevalier Ring is perfect combated with “Sweet Secret Code”a necklace or a bracelet made under the name of your Stray Loveand written with the letters of the Macadamia magical alphabet.

Why to wear it

A stray heart is a wanderer heart: you can’t tameit, you have to conquer it. Learn to know how to domesticatepatiently like the petite Prince did with his fox. With a Stray Heart , the conquer will be easier. All that you need to do is let it to guide you!

How to wear it

The Chevalier ring was born as pinkie ring, but the Macadamia’s one is a stray, it doen’t comply with the rules, and it is the one who chooses the finger where to stay on!

When to wear it

It is an important, precious and unique ring in silver. It’s perfect on any special occasion and I won’t pass by unnoticed. It is an elegant and original detail, perfect for a formal occasion. However, remember: it is still a stray; therefore, it could be useful to "escape" from a too burdensome appointment. It reveals his stray and extrovert attitude in the informal occasions. Fun guaranteed, with it!

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