Bronze and stones.

Arkeo Line.


No come on, do not get me started on this jewel, I turn red! What do you say; do I look good in it? I think that Macadamia Jewels has created this jewel tribute all the bigger magicians in the history, but especially the magician of which I am the reincarnation. A little bit like the Buddha. At least, so they say so...


925 silver, Italian. Diameter: 0.99 inch. Based on an original design, this jewel is made on a laser-perforated silver plate. A sheet of silver with a thickness of about 2.5 mm is perforated by the laser technology to obtain jewelery extremely light, specular and perfectly identical on either side

Available in the same line and color

Two sizes (large and small); Earring (single or couple).


A large MisterMacadamia pendant is a perfect pass par tout if worn around the neck and combined with a pair of earrings "twins" in small version! It enables you to create a witty, original and elegant look a perfect for the day and the evening, if you combine it to a Lucky of your favorite color.

Why to wear it

The Mister is like a joker, a madman (or madwoman) who wants to subvert every established order. You just need to wear a MisterMacadamia earring or pendant to prove that anything can happen. Everything depends on us!

How to wear it

You can wear it as a necklace or as bracelet, rolling the silk ribbon several times around your wrist. Paired with a ribbon it can become a collar; paired with a silver chain, it can become an elegant collier.

When to wear it

This jewel is perfect for a party or for any type of celebration. If you want to distract your opponents or get more chances of winning, you should wear it during a card game. After all, he is a joker.

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