Silver 925


Not only has white always been the color of purity, but also of the infinite: the spectrum of light is white, isn’t it? The white Lucky jewel expresses all-powerful, luxurious good fortune that it is stunning. For this reason, we recommend you keep loved ones close so they too can enjoy all the luck that will come into your life.


925 silver, Italian, engraved and hot enamelled. Diameter 0,98 inches. The hot enameling is a relatively ancient artisan technique that has not evolved much over time. The process involves an incision, ie an excavation in the pendant filled subsequently with enamel. The finishing pass is hand-made using small brushes and this requires a lot of precision. The Jewels enamelled with this technique shall have a minimum thickness to allow the incision and they are synonymous of preciosity and unique pieces. Complete with flowered cotton ribbon.

Available in the same line and color

Earring (single or couple).


They become a veritable parure if worn with the earrings of Lucky line (link) of the same color. And it’s perfect to be worn in Christmas time, especially to capture the admiration of acquired relatives (Mothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, etc...). If you match this jewel to an earring in our Bad Boy line (link), you will give it the elegance mixed with the necessary grit for all occasions. People will compliment your style and ours.

Why to wear it

The white cloverleaf is a powerful good luck charm. As if that were not enough, ours is also powered by two candy canes. In the Macadamia world, the candy cane represents the letter "L" and in the pendant, there are two crossed L. For this reason our jewel is called “Lucky: Crossed Luck”.

How to wear it

You can wear it as a necklace or as a bracelet, rolling the green tassel around the wrist. Neck instead becomes a necklace highly original. It is suitable both for the young women and for the ladies, and it’s perfect for the misses who want to fell elegant.

When to wear it

It is perfect for an elegant and precious white total look. This almost overshadows the great properties of the four-leaf clover lucky charm. :)) Unconventional brides-to-be can wear the white "Lucky". This is very chic because it goes with any style. Great for both summer and winter evenings. Ideal for beach parties because it ensures elegance even while standing barefoot in the sand with a good glass of wine. The Lucky char is perfect even in winter, in a warm cabin, safe from the elements. Elegance at every opportunity, from formal to informal.

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