Silver 925  


During the early Dynastic times of ancient Egyptian, it was believed that the young prince, Thutmose III, married the queen Agepsuts at age 9, having conquered her love and female reserve thanks to his big blue eyes. According to legend, his eyes turned blue as he dipped a silver pendant in the shape of four-leaf clover into the River Nile. The power and purity of the water brought forth a spell upon the pendant. Tell the truth, you did not know it, right?


925 silver, Italian, engraved and hot enamelled. Diameter 0,99 inch. The hot enameling is a relatively ancient artisan technique that has not evolved much over time. The process involves an incision, ie an excavation in the pendant filled subsequently with enamel. The finishing pass is hand-made using small brushes and this requires a lot of precision. The Jewels enamelled with this technique shall have a minimum thickness to allow the incision and they are synonymous of preciosity and unique pieces. Complete with grey silk ribbon.

Available in the same line and color

Earring (single or couple).


This pendant is perfect combination paired with the earring of the same line and the same color for a spring look wear it with shorts or jeans with tops that carry a bit of the matching color to bring out the beauty of your jewelry. Combined with earrings, the "Powerfull MisterMacadamia" line in silver color (link), in either the small or large version, along with the turquoise Lucky becomes suitable for every season as it embellishes your own lovely radiance and offers you a more sporty look.

Why to wear it

Turquoise is the truest colors of pure water. Humans are comprised of 65% water and, even in nature, water covers about 70% of the surface of Earth. So, we are, in essence, full of turquoise. This is therefore the ideal color for those who want to be in harmony with their own bodies as well as with the natural environment that surrounds them. The turquoise enamel that characterizes this version expresses peace, balance and lightness, all supported and regulated by the coefficient Macadamia’s Lucky: the ubiquitous candy cane. In the Macadamia world, the candy cane represents the letter "L" and in the pendant, there are two crossed L. For this reason our jewel is called “Lucky: Crossed Luck”.

How to wear it

You can wear this jewel either as a necklace or as bracelet, by rolling a silk ribbon or string several times around the wrist. It becomes a necklace-like collar if you hook it around your neck with a ribbon, or for a more elegant necklace if you combine it with a silver chain.

When to wear it

This is a jewel suitable for a time of relaxation as well as for more formal occasions. It is the ideal accompaniment for women with blue eyes and for those who would like to have them. To be honest, it is prefect for any woman who still believes in Prince Charming. Recommended to be worn and look fabulous day or night.

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