Silver 925


The Egyptian cat-headed goddess Bastet fed on exclusively of candy canes. Maybe she would have refused even the most mouth-watering biscuits! In fact, the goddess Bastet was often depicted holding a candy cane. In addition, also her crown was made of candy canes. So with the Macadamia’s crown you won’t be only queens or princesses, but you will become a true goddess!


925 silver, Italian. Dimension: 0.99 X 0,79 inch. Based on an original design, this jewel is made on a laser-perforated silver plate. A sheet of silver with a thickness of about 2.5 mm is perforated by the laser technology to obtain jewelery extremely light, specular and perfectly identical on either side. Complete with zipper red cotton ribbon.

Available in the same line and color

Two sizes (large and small); Earring (single or couple).


Combining the large version to the little one we create a total look for an undisputed queen. Even the most arrogant can’t deny it. With the "Lucky Blue" (link) pendant or earring - or its light blue variant - the combination is explosive: Fortune becomes Royal and Queen becomes… Lucky!

Why to wear it

A crown can be worn on every occasion and every day is perfect to feel like a Queen or a Princess. We don’t need a special occasion: every day is special. The Macadamia’s crown is sweet: it’s a perfect blend of elegance, sweetness and majesty. So, what are you waiting to wear it?

How to wear it

You can easy wear it as a bracelet.

When to wear it

In the evening, with a long or short dress, the Crown becomes precious detail while remaining discreet at the same time. In the daytime it is perfect even in the office. It make them realize with not doubts who's really the boss!

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