Silver 925


The blue Lucky makes me think of a jewel fit for a queen or princess. I think I read in some confidential letters of Queen Nefertari, that blue was the only color she wanted for all of her jewelry... So, how can we contradict a queen as radiant and learned as Nefertari? According to some rumors, Nefertiti was able to control the growth of papyrus wearing a jewel color very similar to our Lucky Let’s think about the power! Really Powerfull!


925 silver, Italian, engraved and hot enamelled. Diameter 0,99 inch. The hot enameling is a relatively ancient artisan technique that has not evolved much over time. The process involves an incision, ie an excavation in the pendant filled subsequently with enamel. The finishing pass is hand-made using small brushes and this requires a lot of precision. The Jewels enamelled with this technique shall have a minimum thickness to allow the incision and they are synonymous of preciosity and unique pieces. Complete with orange silk ribbon.

Available in the same line and color

Earring (single or couple).


The blue enamel that characterizes this pendant is very special because it has a something of transparent, almost glassy look to it. This is an unusual color, very smart and it's a great alternative to black. Worn with an earring from our Powerful CROWN line (link), it gives an almost regal elegance to your appearance. Who more than you deserves to be the most beautiful princess?

Why to wear it

The cloverleaf blue expresses mystery, it is the color depth of the abyss, of the night. Blue is a most determined color, strong and super powerful, and it is amplified by our ubiquitous candy cane, the Macadamia's coefficient multiplier of luck. In the Macadamia world, the candy cane represents the letter "L" and in the pendant, there are two crossed L. For this reason our jewel is called “Lucky: Crossed Luck”.

How to wear it

You can wear it as a necklace or as a bracelet, rolling the green tassel around the wrist. Neck instead becomes a necklace highly original. Worn around the neck, it becomes a "collar"; but it can also become an elegant necklace if you choose to pair it with and lace it with a silver rope chain.

When to wear it

The blue Lucky gives you that authoritativeness which we all need, so it is excellent at work. Elegant, original, refined, with its explosive mixture blue Lucky will unleash the envy of the forked tongues in your office (remember envy is all around you).

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