Bronze enameled made in Italy.

Size 11/12

Not brushed, unpolished, directly form the archaeological site :)



The story goes that a famous magician and master confectioner, who delighted in propitiatory rites including pastries, lived in the Valley of the Kings. Seems he was able to light a fire by rubbing two sticks of sugar and pronouncing some magical words that I have not been able to decipher. He was also able to forge out of nowhere rings with an incorporated cake. So warning: our SSC Macadamia's Chevalier could be one of those rings!


Bonze, Italian, engraved and hot enamelled. The hot enameling is a relatively ancient artisan technique that has not evolved much over time. The process involves an incision, ie an excavation in the pendant filled subsequently with enamel. The finishing pass is hand-made using small brushes and this requires a lot of precision. The Jewels enamelled with this technique shall have a minimum thickness to allow the incision and they are synonymous of preciosity and unique pieces.

Available in the same line and color

Silver plate pendant.


Combine the SSC Chevalier Ring “L” letter with the various Macadamia’s alphabet letters pendants. You can mount the letters separately or together to form words or names to create unique necklaces, bracelets or earrings. The rings look great with all Macadamia’s collections as well as all the other products of the SSC line. Thank them we can have more sweetness!

Why to wear it

A letter is always a sweet messenger of good news, positive thoughts and lucky word. They can speak about love. “L” Letter is like a candy cane. It’s a reminder of the nature and LOVE. It’s the ideal gift for an important event and it’s perfect for who love nature and wants to recall her own origins.

How to wear it

The Chevalier ring was born as pinkie ring, but the Macadamia’s one is a stray, it doesn’t comply with the rules, and it is the one who chooses the finger where to stay on!

When to wear it

A precious and unique silver ring impossible to go unnoticed. It’s perfect in any special occasion. The “L” letter means “good news!” so it is perfect for a business meeting and for conclude a major deal. You can also use this ring after a maternity to announce a new birth. Certainly it would be the best news ever!

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