Silver 925


The dog has always been the symbol of loyalty and unconditional love and it could not miss in the Macadamia jewelry. Anubis accompanies his pharaoh on his journey into the afterlife. Similarly your furry friend would accompany you anywhere. For this reason, also your dog Pet link pendant or ring must stay always with you.


925 silver, Italian, engraved and hot enamelled. Dimensions 0.99 inch 0.79 inch The jewel is made of silver plate 3 mm in thickness (very thick), which gives some consistency to the pendant. Shaped as dog face, its engravings draw the nose and eyes of the dog and they are both glazed and colored. Instead, its mouth is obtained inscribing the phrase "Abbaio con stile" ("Bark with Style").

Available in the same line and color

Pendant; Earring (single or couple).


You can wear the dog pendant with an earring and ring of the same series or with the cat earring in the Pet Link series. jewelry that remind us our great furry loves can be mixed in a thousand ways to get a total look in pet style! This jewel is ideal for every day and every occasion.

Why to wear it

The Pet Link line was born to seal the love that links us to our pets. This jewel symbolizes the love of your most faithful friend of the family and of the divinity that represents it. The inspiration of Macadamia is the Egyptian dog God Anubis. Anubis used to wait for his master in the hereafter and this jewel is perfect to symbolize the devotion of our wagging friend.

How to wear it

You can wear it as a ring. It is adjustable, so you can choose your favorite finger.

When to wear it

The pendant is unique, a jewel important but discreet as well. Therefore it is suitable for any occasion, day or night, at work or to shopping. Every moment is appropriate to love!

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