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Maybe I often think of Bastet because I have two black cats. However, in ancient Egypt, cats were considered a deity and it seems that our domestic felines they remember well those days: they can be venerated today, too! So, do we want a goddess look? Then we need to wear a cat Pet Link ring!


925 silver, Italian, engraved and hot enamelled. Dimensions 0.98x0.79 inches. The jewel is made of silver plate 3 mm in thickness (very thick), which gives some consistency to the pendant. Shaped as cat face, its engravings draw the nose and eyes of the cat and they are both glazed and colored. Instead, its mouth is obtained inscribing the phrase "Faccio le fusa a ritmo" ("I purr in rhythm."). The cat's eyebrows are two little musical notes.

Available in the same line and color

Pendant; Earring (single or couple).


You can wear the cat ring with an earring and pendant of the same series or with the dog earring in the Pet Link series. Jewelry that remind us our great furry loves can be mixed in a thousand ways to get a total look in pet style! This jewel is ideal for every day and every occasion.

Why to wear it

The Pet Link line was born to seal the love that links us to our pets. This jewel symbolizes the love for the despot of the house, our little deity. The inspiration of Macadamia is the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet. Let's face it: who among us wouldn't want to look like our favorite feline? Well, this pendant recalls us that we are just like him: a deity.

How to wear it

You can adjust it to you favorite finger.

When to wear it

Every day, on every occasion: at school, at work, at the supermarket, at the park, at a party animal or for a drink with friends. This jewel is outstanding with a sporty look and it makes funniest a sophisticated look.

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