Silver 925


I really like the candy. I would eat one after another, without stopping. I like the “M” letter and what it evokes. Therefore, I would never stop to taste the magic and mystery. In addition, being Italian this letter makes me think of my mother. Do you know we are the world super mama's boy ever, don’t you?


The hot enameling is a relatively ancient artisan technique that has not evolved much over time. The process involves an incision, ie an excavation in the pendant filled subsequently with enamel. The finishing pass is hand-made using small brushes and this requires a lot of precision. The Jewels enamelled with this technique shall have a minimum thickness to allow the incision and they are synonymous of preciosity and unique pieces. Jewels are made using, each time, semi-precious stones or pearls.

Available in the same line and color

Chevalier rings and earrings (single or couple) - "little letter"


Combine the SSC pendant "U" letter with the various Macadamia’s alphabet letters to create silver names or words and to make original necklaces, bracelets and earrings. You can better combine them with the silver Chevalier rings and with all the jewels in the same line. The pendants look great with all Macadamia’s collections as well as all the other products of the SSC line. Thank them we can have more sweetness!

Why to wear it

A letter is always a sweet messenger of good news, positive thoughts and lucky word. They can speak about love. “M” is a little letter in a red and green candy shape. It is the initial Mother but also of Magic and the Mystery of an unique and indissoluble bond between mother and son.

How to wear it

Wear the SSC pendant with a simple and colored cotton string or with a precious oxidized or pink silver chain to create a unique and original contrast game. You can also mount the pendant in a bracelet, using a silver chain or cords with different thicknesses and colors.

When to wear it

SSC is an elegant and discreet pendant good for the morning and the evening. It's really perfect on every occasion. It is a sweet charm able to "sweeten" also the "bitter" moments in our life. It's a kind of magic want to banish sadness. With his magic, you can make your mother smile when she is angry for something wrong; but you can also top the time of a special moment or turn a frog into a prince.

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