But if the silver turns black means that it is not silver ?

 Silver 925, the quality that is used in Italy, without the addition of nickel (forbidden), the one I use to make
Macadamia jewelry, .....TURNS BLACK.
Yes,  it oxidizes like all metals that react with air, water,
atmospheric  agents.
The bronze turns brown, remember the stature in the streets?
Copper turns green, just remember the wonderful Parisian roofs ...
And the silver turns black.
And so?  no problem, just clean it if you do not like the dark
effect that contact with the air give it.
If you want your ever shining silver jewel can meanwhile wash it
with you.
Because I know, dear macadamians, you sleep with jewels
(and don't have, you'll ruin them
) but remove them for brushing ...
There are also other methods to shine the jewelry, but now it's
late and I have to go take a bath in the sea. Next time !! yes, yes,
I will talk everything about cleansing jewels, I promise !
Be happy guys!!
Mister Macadamia


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