MAKE IT YOURS: wonderful jewel's outfit everyone have in Milano.

If I had to choose one jewel, only one, I would be really in trouble. I do not know which one I love more, everyone is a small part of me.

I love them all, maybe I am even more fond of someone, but it”s a segret and I won”t tell you. But I will tell you about those you are most fond of, those you have wanted and wanted again.

Lucky is definitely the number one in terms of sales. So, let's see how many colors I've made it: green, red, pink, white, black, blue, turquoise .... and each of them has been a sold out.

I must say that when I produce Lucky, I'm quite sure it will be a success. Their secret? Well, it's a very powerful amulet, I would say certified; then the materials: silver 925, Italian silver, entirely handmade, enamelled with heat. Oh yes, my Lucky is, modestly, a beautiful objects, one of the most successful jewels, or better this is that you show me.

Another jewel that has a similar name but is very different, is the legendary Lucky Crown. The first production was made in silver and in two modelle, big and small, and it went literally snapped up. You liked it so much, macadami’s , that I decided to propose it also in a precious 9 carat golden bronze. Sometimes a little golden bath pleases me, it makes everything so, ... sparkling, don”t you think so?

The Lucky crown both as a necklace or as an earring remains a super best seller of which I am very proud.

It”s impossible to forget the timeless Pet Links. You know that I love the “domestic furry”, if you haven”t yet a jewel of this serie, please, sit down immediately, go on the site and buy one: it is a scandal to be still without.

 And lastly there is the musterpiece, if you want a unique Macadamia jewel here you must choose a personalized Sweet Secret Code necklace. With all those sweets it is also a pleasure for the eyes; I really enjoy painting them.

Then, to recap, what is the Macadamia must have? Well, I suggest to overdo it: a Lucky bracelet, a tailor-made Sweet Secret Code necklace, a Lucky Crown earring and a beautiful Pet Link dog or cat ring on your finger.

At this point, godmothers of elegance and made in Italy style, who can stops you more? Enjoy yourselves!

 Mister Macadamia

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