Ladies and Gentleman I introduce you... Andrea Zecchini .

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Today I'm introducing you another good friend of mine: Andrea Zecchini.

 Andrea is 38 years old and he is a very special man.

 I met him when I needed the very first photos for my jewelry. Yes, Andrea is a photographer and what a kind of photographer !

But not only. It also helped me in the creation of a line: the Pet Link one is totaly his idea including the name. 

Well let's know him better ...

Dear Andrea, you made some beautiful photos for Macadamia, what do you remember of that work?

 Colors, many colors ... and then a lot of sweets that I never learned to associate to the right letter! : P

What is the photo that represents you better?

Including those made for you? Probably the one with the cookies set in the desert ... the technical difficulty to re-create that image without photoshop was important.

Do you like Macadamia Jewels?

Let's say that they are produced for a target different from mine ... but I ancknoledge that in a market full of so many odds and ends, a silver product hand enameled has for sure its charm ... hey, even hand enamelling those tiny cupcakes must be a big job!


Is the photographer your primary occupation ?

Today not any more ... on the one hand I say unfortunately because it was very interesting, on the other insread I say fortunately because now I can focus on photography without the pressure to gain at all costs. I always keep a professional level activities, but only in the weekend, mainly for wedding (to double) or, with the right conditions, for equestrian events (horses, dear Mister, are really beautiful animals !!!)

What is your biggest dream?

On photo side (more generally in the artistic sense), to find the way to regulate professionalism in artistic expressions (a kind of register). Now it is possible to get certified as a photographer, but it's only a piece of paper, the real certification is that you reach from the market .. which is currently too chaotic. It would be like trying an edelweiss in a greenhouse (assuming it can grow there)

In broader terms, probably to have effortlessly a united family (and I'm at a great point).


Do you ever colored your hair purple?

I did even better: I dyed them red and blue and it means ... now you teach me that blue and red make purple, so yes, I dyed them otherwise violates.

What's your favorite dessert?

One done by hand, with the intention of surprising. :)

If tomorrow you will find a chest like the one of the pirates, you know? what it would contain?

Probably the map to reach the next chest. Who hesitates is lost!

What's your favorite hobby?

 Well, when Matilde born call me back and I will answer. :)


Are you sporty?

 I try to be so .. if driving in the highway is a sport, I would be very sporty


I try to be so .. if you travel by highway were a sport, I would be very sporty

If you were a cartoon who would you be?

 Maybe perhaps Willy Coyote ... one that work hard to obtain what he wants trying not to stay with (and he doesn't always succeed!)

Thanks for the chat Mister Macadamia, the day that your message, your way of working and your team spirit will be recognized by the market (goods and people), here, that will be a great day. Good luck! ;)



Dear Andrea thanks for your beautiful words Andrea and for your willingness, it has been a real pleasure to meet you!

See you soon!


To contact Andrea :

Andrea Zecchini

Padova (Italy) 

+39 392 21 70 376    


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