Ladies and Gentleman... I introduce you...Gabriele Ghio!

Dearly beloved, 

I decided to introduce you some friends of mine, but only the really special ones.

Today I would start by telling you about Gabriele Ghio. Gabriele is 35 years old and is a really bubbly man, he does a lot of things.

I met him taking pictures for my jewelry, I needed a male model and I found him very special.

Well, do you think I have made a good choice, don't I?



Now I'm going to introduce him, I did him an interview.


Dear Gabriele you are the subject of some beautiful Macadamia's photos, what do you remember about that work?

Which is the picture that represents you the most?


I recall with great pleasure the enthusiasm and creativity that are born during the working hours.

The development of ideas and the empathy immediately established involved me in a very pleasant atmosphere.

I must say that it was wonderful to be part of Macadamia group because I identify with many of the values ​​that the brand represents.

Each shot has touched my heart, although my favorite is the one dedicated to Pet Link (the cat).


Do you like Macadamia Jewels?
Yes I love them...!! Not only I like to wear a jewel made by Macadamia, but I also like its philosophy and what it conveys.


What is your main job, besides the super model course?

I am a visual merchandiser and I always apply in my life and to everything I do a philosophy inspired by beauty, creativity and by all that satisfy eyes.

I believe that all must be pleasant, in balance with environment and human being. I find it interesting and rewarding to mould the spaces through ideas, colors and proportions.

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to become a car pilot. I always dreamed of racing on the track or in the desert at the Paris Dakar!  It's a dream that keeps me awake during the night, I keep thinking about what I should do to stake all out and throw myself in this project. I often spend hours in the evening in my garage lying under the "Captain" (my jeep Toyota) because I like to dirty myself inventing details that can improve it in addressing my trips to Africa.


Would you ever color your hair purple?
Purple? Mmmmmhh  I don't  think ....  for sure that if there is something strange or unusual to do, well, I'm not really the type to pull back.
My personality is often bizarre and extravagant ... so who knows ... maybe one day you will see me in the Macadamia pics with purple hair! :)

What's your favorite dessert?
My favorite dessert is anything you want, as long it is approved by my friend Valentina Secchi (great connoisseur, editor's note) and shared with someone ... because the you have to taste sweet things in two !!

If tomorrow you found a chest like the one of the pirates, what it would be inside?

First of all, the chest would be made of wood and gold, then it would take many hours to open it and inside we would find the deeds and the memories of an adventurer, a great explorer who passionately challenged the seas in search of new lands.  Maps pulled up and burned, rusty daggers, cut tops, cutlery, pages of a diary and a coin, a gold coin priceless.

Your favorite hobby?

My hobby is to observe the world and try to discover it through some exploratory trips avoiding destinations and tourist streets. I like to think that I could help reshaping waste materials.  The set of strategies and methodologies to recover useful materials from waste in order to reuse rather than dispose of them in landfills.  The reworking through ideas and needs of the objects to give relief to them a new life and a new purpose.

Are you sporty?

Of course I am, sport is what keeps me alive, a drug of adrenaline I inject myself whenever I feel in need! It is what allows me to be in peace, to move my physical and mental limits and to be comfortable.


If you were a cartoon who would you be?
Tetsuro Hoshino, Galaxy Express 999.


Thanks Gabriele, see you soon !!
A hug from Mister Macadamia

To reach Gabriele write here:

Or you can find him on his FabeBook page



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